A brief history of my attempts at having a website:

~2002: In the 5th grade I was in a program called 'Gifted and Talented Art' (aka GTart). For my final project I created a website where I could host my anime drawings. It was an angelfire page with a solid blue background. I tried to consult a guy whose website I admired - his name was 'Hawk' and he drew superheroes with really exaggerated features - but he didn't seem interested in helping me. I remember that one of my drawings had the description, "It is really hard to draw people from an aerial view and I suggest practicing it a lot before trying to put it on a website."

~2012: I decided it would be cool to not have a website. I kind of continued thinking this for a while.

2019: I decided to make a website. The idea of casting my music, drawings, and random thoughts into the void seems a lot more appealing now.